JSC «Seismotekhnika» realizes author's and technically
supervision of delivered production during the guarantee period,
service support in afterguarattee period, Carries out training of
specialists of the exploiting organizations, renders services in
repair and equipment retrofit.
Complex of services highly skilled specialists participating in
production of basic production render the enterprises having not
only expertise in solution of technical problems, but also concrete
practical expertise in application of specialized technologies.
Guarantee and afterguarantee service.
JSC «Seismotekhnika» according to «Position about industrial
and technological production deliveries» bears responsibility for
failures of products during the guarantee period, at observance by
consumers of rules of transportation, stowage and operation.
Metal working services.
Necessity in all industries grows in metallic structures,
requirements of customers to quality of handling of metal have
increased also. Now a metal working by means of the modern
equipment does process fast and simple, with reaching of optimum
result of exactitude and handling of articles.
Enterprise production is equipped by the specialized equipment
which one allows to execute a complex of services in the metal
working, contenting to requirements of the market and
corresponding to request of the customer.
Repair and modernizing of the equipment and knots.
JSC «Seismotekhnika» enterprise effects repair and retrofit
exploration, oilfield and drilling equipment. Highly skilled specialists
are ready to execute in optimum terms repair, trials, and also to
effect consulting on rational use of the equipment.

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